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In addition to designing, engineering and building the best possible HVAC systems for our clients, MAR-IX is also committed to offering the best support long after the standard factory warranty has expired. The new MAR-IX CARE programme takes this promise to the next level, ensuring a superbly functioning HVAC system at a fixed budget for many years into the future.

With hypertp

80% energy saving possible

MAR-IX has developed a highly innovative way of saving you energy called HYPER TP, which stands for Hyper Thermal Process. Integrated with our HVAC systems, HYPER TP offers a significant reduction on your electric (hotel) load of up to 80%.

A hat-trick of wins is no coincidence

For three years in a row, the superyachts taking home the acclaimed Eco Award at the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards have something in common… The key to success is here

Change is in the air

The twin challenges of climate change and viral threats have made us all re-evaluate the air we breathe and the energy consumed in generating our heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Like us at MAR-IX, you know that a change of thinking is required.

People who enjoy spending time in the enclosed spaces of a yacht – owners, guests, captains, engineers and crew – attach great importance to fresh air.

The onboard experience is directly impacted by the quality, sound levels and efficiency of the HVAC system. It’s your wellbeing so why settle for anything but the best? Moreover, in these times of pandemic, it’s your health too (click on read more on to learn more about virus security).

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Our 2024 Systems

Heat pumps

The MAR-IX marine heat pump is a superb example of how our designers are leading the way in eco-conscious thinking. A genuine breakthrough in sustainable heating, these pumps are suitable for electric & hybrid yachts as well as other vessels looking to heat the interior and systems in a green way.

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Water heaters

The product of rich experience and constant development, MAR-IX electric water heaters are available in a wide range of capacities and power supplies, as well as fully custom designs. In addition to heating the interior, they are ideal for potable water heating and frost protection.

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Fresh-air Units

At a time when we’re more aware than ever of the quality of air we breathe, the MAR-IX ventilation system is the only one available that truly meets all the specific requirements found on yachts.

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Engine room ventilation and cooling

Machines and people both operate to the best of their ability when housed in the right on-board environment. With this in mind, MAR-IX has developed probably the most effective and efficient engine room ventilation and cooling systems money can buy.

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Chiller units

Compact in size, big on reliability, MAR-IX chiller units are equipped with advanced inverter compressor technology that varies the speed to control your cooling capacity. Say goodbye to current peaks as your on-board electrical system will always have a balanced load. And say hello to maximum comfort levels for crew and guests.

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Chiller Racks

Larger vessels often need to install more than one chiller unit to increase cooling capacity and enhance redundancy. Our chiller racks are a fine example of how advanced thinking meets the latest technical possibilities at MAR-IX, combining our premium-quality chiller units into a bespoke frame that will meet your request perfectly.

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Rack Cooler

It’s not just people that need to be kept at the right temperature… Computer racks and server rooms can also enjoy the MAR-IX treatment with our high-end rack coolers. Ease of installation is assured as they have the same dimensions as a standard 19″ computer rack.

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