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Eco Awards

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Success is a choice…
For MAR-IX advanced HVAC systems

One of the main categories at the annual Boat International Design & Innovation Awards is the Eco Award, presented to the yacht with the ‘best approach to environmentally sensitive design, engineering and operation.’

Much of the credit for winners of this prestigious prize goes to visionary owners looking to be as eco-friendly as possible and recognising that technically advanced superyachts retain their value much longer. Shipyards and designers are also placed in the spotlight by the Eco Award, as are the equipment developers and supply companies with whom they work closely on each project.

Three consecutive awards

That’s why the MAR-IX team are so proud that the winners of the Eco Award over the past three years have all been equipped with a MAR-IX advanced and ultra-efficient HVAC system combined with our unique Hyper Thermal Process. By integrating all thermal energy sources and onboard consumers, Hyper TP is the ultimate combination of smart system integration with intelligent monitoring & control.

It also guarantees a significantly lower e-load, a more sustainable operation and lower operational costs. Working with MAR-IX is the best possible way to reduce the yacht’s carbon footprint and enhance efficiency. And what these three consecutive ECO Award wins make clear is that such award-winning achievements would simply not have been possible with other HVAC systems.

Sarissa award 2024

2024: A win for Sarissa….

The most recent Eco Award went to the 60-metre sailing yacht Sarissa from Royal Huisman. The award jury praised her ‘multi-faceted approach to cruising with minimal environmental impact, from wind-driven propulsion, hydro-generators and waste heat recovery to black and grey water treatment and trash management.’

Among the specific benefits of the custom-designed solution MAR-IX developed for Sarissa was the integrated recovery of waste heat from the yacht’s generators, chillers, fresh-air system and more besides.

Rocket One award 2024

2023: Rocket One won

Gulf Craft’s Majesty 120 superyacht Rocket One won the Eco Award in 2023 and the MAR-IX team made a major contribution by developing, supplying and installing new ways to improve the energy efficiency of the yacht’s onboard systems. By minimising electrical consumption, we helped ensure that the Majesty 120 could have smaller generators and a lower fuel consumption. The award jury statement captures the essence of this successful project:

While waste heat recovery is not a new idea, the novel, comprehensive ways in which waste heat – and cold – is reused aboard Rocket One to reduce electrical consumption is impressive. Working with Dutch company MAR-IX, the holistic Hyper Thermal Process captures heat from multiple sources beyond engines and generators to include the double circuit HVAC, shore power converters and AV/IT equipment. Rethinking how hot water for taps is stored and plumbed through the yacht, engineers reduced hotel energy consumption by 15 to 20kW alone. Even cooled interior air extracted for continuous fresh-air make-up is captured and reused as a first-stage coolant for outside air. These and other systems result in a saving of 80,000kW per year, which, when the yacht is operating in full owner mode, may save 180 to 220 litres of diesel fuel per day through reduced generator demand.

Perseverance award 2024

2022: Perseverance pays

The Baltic 117 Perseverance was the first superyacht to take home the Eco Award back in 2022, also winning the Best Naval Architecture category on the same evening. She had previously been also named Sailing Yacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards so we were delighted to be involved in such a successful project. Baltic Yachts is always a fine partner to work with in its 100% renewable energy-powered shipyard.

For the Eco Award, the Boat International Design & Innovation jury stated how impressed they were with Perseverance’s: ‘Zero-emission electric propulsion motor, waste heat recovery, auto controls on lights and AC zones, two small Tier III-compliant variable speed gensets.’ The Hyper TP system from MAR-IX was tailor-made and her waste-heat recovery has been much appreciated by the crew and owners of Perseverance ever since.

Who’s next on the podium?

Like to know more about how your future build or refit could benefit from MAR-IX’s HVAC expertise? Maybe you could join this illustrious rollcall of environmental champions? Drop us an email here and one of our experts will get back to you for an informal chat on the options