HYPER TP and energy savings

The revolutionary Hyper Thermal Process (HYPER TP) from MAR-IX is the result of forward thinking and a commitment to going way beyond the extra mile. Leaving conventional wisdom behind, our passionate experts recognise how much more can be achieved when it comes to energy saving.

Playing our part

Critically aware of the perils of climate change – deniers need not apply – everyone at MAR-IX is determined to play their part in creating a cleaner world. But we also recognise that our clients deserve the best of the best when it comes to onboard climate control.

Driven by progress, inspired intellect, MAR-IX specialists will prove to you that circular thinking and premium HVAC are not mutually exclusive… In fact, they go hand in hand.

And they save you money too.

So, if energy saving is on your agenda (and how could it not be?), HYPER TP is most surely the answer. Uniquely in the HVAC industry, this 100% in-house developed process offers you by far the highest reductions on electric (hotel) load available on the market today.

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Clever thinking

In our experience yacht owners care deeply about our planet and the oceans they explore. We know that you want to do your best for the environment while also making no compromises on HVAC quality for your family and friends. We share your passion for energy saving, and our ability to find the right solutions for owners and yards is what makes MAR-IX frontrunner in the competitive but still rather unadventurous HVAC market.

In essence, HYPER TP integrates all the various thermal energy sources and onboard consumers. It is the ultimate combination of smart system design with intelligent monitoring & control, custom-created for the specific requirements of your yacht. Guaranteeing you a significantly lower e-load lessens your vessel’s carbon footprint, resulting in a more sustainable operation as well as lower operational costs.

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Harnessing waste heat

There are many processes active on a yacht and the best way forward is to see them as a single system, parts of the same body if you will. For instance, various systems have to be kept cool and that demands power to keep the chillers running. Meanwhile, a similar amount of energy is needed to heat up water for, say, the showers.

But heat is energy too…

Much of the waste heat from these processes is usually discharged overboard but MAR-IX does everything possible to recover that heat and make it available to other onboard consumers. In doing so we reduce the load on your boilers and electrical elements, saving on operational costs and the environment.
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Adding value

The product of continuous research and development at MAR-IX – energy efficiency is in our DNA – HYPER TP means we can design and build you the most eco-friendly marine HVAC system money can buy. We know that each yacht is different and will often have bespoke systems onboard: Contact us today to discuss your sustainable options and start a no-strings-attached case study.

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Access all areas

As owners explore a world with increasing environmental regulations they want to be allowed into areas from which less-prepared yachts are barred. More yachts are being fitted with large battery packs which allow them to cruise on their electrical engines with power from the battery storage. The same source has to supply energy to many onboard systems so the more you can reduce this hotel load, the more energy is available for the engines and the greater the range of your yacht. HYPER TP is the answer…

Another reason to choose for HYPER TP is that integration of HYPER TP in a new build of refit with MAR-IX HVAC equipment can result in energy savings as high as 80%.

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Keeping it fresh

Another example is when fresh air is brought in from outside that needs to be cooled. When the humidity is high outside this air has to first be dehumidified, which involves cooling the air down then reheating it to average room temperature before supplying the accommodation. Most other systems available use electric heaters for this process but your MAR-IX system will be designed to use waste heat from other heat sources.

Your fridges and freezers can also be cooled by the HVAC system, with the absorbed heat being transferred to, for instance, the boiler. In other words, you can have a shower that partly uses heat generated by your fridge/freezer. This is just an example, of course. Recovered waste heat can be used for many other consumers.

The HYPER TP system integration is optimised by dedicated pumps and valves on our equipment. What’s more, all recovered heat is transferred in liquid form to ensure a completely healthy onboard environment. You can read more about this vital issue in our special section looking at fresh air and viral security.


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A win-win for all

Yards that take sustainable solutions seriously have a solid commercial story to tell and will be on the radar of the growing band of eco-conscious owners. We can provide you with interesting examples from projects that gives you an idea of the benefits you can offer potential clients.

Contact us if you’d like a MAR-IX engineer to project the potential savings on your refit or new build project?

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Meeting TIER III

TIER III regulations have had a major impact on build costs and onboard real estate. This eco-friendly measure has led to a host of challenges for yards and owners of yachts with a generator output above 130 kW. The rules specify that NOx emissions must be up to 70% lower than the maximum under Tier II.

Smaller boats are subject to particular constraints in terms of space and size. Simply tuning the engine is insufficient in most cases and a combination of technologies have to be deployed. After-treatment units are heavy and bulky so yachts below 500 GT will end up sacrificing lots of the owner’s interior space.

The serious energy savings offered by HYPER TP allow yachts to meet Tier III using smaller generators, saving on space and costs. Avoiding the expense of having to fit exhaust gas aftertreatment is an obvious bonus!

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