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Hvac Systems

As a total system provider, MAR-IX believes strongly in taking a holistic approach to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

All for one and one for all

all our HVAC products are renowned for their individual quality and yes, we’ll be happy to sell you standalone units if that’s all you require. We know how precious your onboard real estate is, so each product has been optimised for size and weight. MAR-IX units are also exceptionally quiet and easily exceed class requirements for noise.  To make the very best of your partnership with MAR-IX, we recommend marrying our fully scalable products in a total solution. Custom-designed and meticulously planned by us to offer you the smartest and most efficient system that money can buy. 

Creative minds

Thinking outside the box (and inside the yacht), the creative minds at MAR-IX like nothing better than to harness every available technological opportunity on your behalf. Providing the warm, cool and fresh air you need for a healthy environment, our systems can be delivered at various price ranges and efficiency degrees.  As a starting point, MAR-IX products consume as standard up to 30% less energy than other systems on the market. Our advanced system integration approach involves reusing waste heat.  Moreover, as heat transfer is our daily business, MAR-IX supplies all the parts you need to link the systems and access our unique Hyper Thermal Process (Hyper TP). This offers you exceptional energy savings of around 50% on refits and up to 80% on new builds thanks to the innovative integration of all systems.