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agents of change

At MAR-IX we take our future seriously – the collective ‘our’ of people and planet as well as the future of our company and our clients and their families. There is no escaping the reality of climate chance or the need to act to save our oceans. Everyone at MAR-IX is deeply committed to playing their part in bringing transformation about.

Agents of change

Change always starts at home and our production facility in the Netherlands is as green as it gets. Covered with solar panels, the energy generated by the sun is stored in battery packs to make MAR-IX a zero-energy consumer. That’s despite the large amounts of power required to put all our products and systems through the most stringent of testing regimes.

Revolution time

MAR-IX is also honoured to be a partner in the Water Revolution Foundation, a non-profit which won the Robb Report’s prestigious Sustainability Award in 2020. This self-governing science-driven body is leading the way in encouraging everyone involved with building and operating large yachts to take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment. 

MAR-IX is pleased to use our knowledge and experience in carrying out various eco-case studies with the Water Revolution Foundation. A prime example is a project aimed at supporting yards with Tier III rules, helping avoid expensive and space-consuming after-gas treatment by reducing generator sizes (more info available here).




Partnering with clients

Owners and captains are increasingly focused on sustainability and a well-balanced and carefully considered HVAC system can make a huge difference to a superyacht’s footprint. MAR-IX meets these demands like no other as we constantly search for brand-new sustainable solutions and major energy savings. 

While the overall HVAC sector has lagged behind in this respect, MAR-IX has been a forerunner in ensuring that products and solutions are made with the environment in mind as well as premium quality. This had produced some serious results in every area of heating, ventilation and airco, with our products regularly achieving 30% energy reduction as a standard in comparison with other brands available.

Fast forward

And there’s much more besides. The finest example of MAR-IX’s pioneering eco-conscious approach is our groundbreaking Hyper Thermal Process, offering the highest reductions on electric (hotel) load available on the market today. Integrated as part of the holistic system approach that is MAR-IX’s hallmark, you can expect savings of up to 80%. Read more about HYPER TP here. 

Combining existing technologies with next-generation thinking, we are making a massive contribution to taking the HVAC industry forward. Join us and let’s be agents of change together.