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Chiller system

A chiller system is a vital part of every superyacht, playing a key role in ensuring a comfortable onboard environment. MAR-IX modular chiller systems are scalable and ideal for new builds and refits in every size.

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Short lead-times and fast turnarounds are assured. And because we also design and manufacture everything ourselves in-house, MAR-IX retains complete control over delivery schedules.

Advanced inverter compressor technology

MAR-IX leads the way when it comes to chillers not only in terms of premium quality and reliability but also due to our ongoing commitment to R&D. Everyone at our company is dedicated to taking technology to the next level as we advance the cause of green thinking.

Frequency controlled
Another key factor in our ability to offer you the best is that MAR-IX chiller units are based on frequency-controlled compressors which produce the required cooling capacity for the entire vessel. Our advanced inverter compressor technology avoids the need for chillers to switch the compressor on/off as it varies in speed to control the cooling capacity. Current peaks belong to the past and your electrical system will always have a balanced load.

Sound of silence
The expectations for an ever-quieter onboard environment continue to grow and MAR- IX’s virtually silent chiller units again set the standard. Exceptional sound reduction and comfort is achieved by placing all refrigeration components within a stainless-steel casing. This housing also protects the chiller against tough conditions in the engine room and other technical spaces. Developed with meticulous attention to detail, the enclosures are aesthetically pleasing too.

Built to scale

To provide the required cooling capacity and enhanced redundancy, each chiller rack is built to scale (modular) and consist of multiple chillers. Each single chiller unit operates independently so in the highly unlikely case that one malfunctions, the others will continue to operate normally.

Bespoke frames
Our chiller racks are a fine example of how advanced ideas meet the latest technical possibilities at MAR-IX, combining our premium-quality chiller units into a bespoke frame that will meet your request perfectly. Your MAR-IX chiller system will be pre-assembled in our factory, including fitting the chillers, manifolds and valves, with all electronics pre-wired. This turnkey system means the yard only has to connect the seawater, chiller water piping and power supply.

Minimal maintenance
The convenience doesn’t stop there. MAR-IX chillers are renowned for requiring very little maintenance thanks to the smart engineering of, among others, the seawater-cooled condenser. In fact, all you need do is ensure that the seawater system is regularly cleaned. When required, chillers can be removed and replaced separately from the frame while the system as a whole is still functioning – this hot swap activity will be completed within 20 minutes. MAR-IX chillers therefore ensure you easy maintenance as well as a long lifespan.


As with all MAR-IX products and systems, the perfect design of individual products within the Big Picture ensures you an exceptionally energy-efficient chiller system, with savings of up to 80%, thanks to a process we call Hyper TP (Hyper Thermal Process). Our chiller units are equipped with an innovative heat-recovery system with hot fluid output. Making the most of the heat that would otherwise be wasted overboard, the chillers have hot fluid (70-90°C) continuously available when in operation. Deploying this output onto the chiller units offers major savings on the kind of electric load that’s currently in your load analysis for heating boilers/calorifiers, jacuzzis and the like.

monitoring and control

MAR-IX has its own unique IP/LAN-based intelligent monitoring & control system that oversees each and every component. Parameters can be changed or the system switched to another mode. With log files created and saved and all data recorded, errors are easily diagnosed.

Support you can rely on
As the system is connected to the internet, our engineers can offer online support to service requests and, if necessary, take over the system in order to adapt or update. This connectivity saves you time, money and effort when it comes to error diagnoses. Should there be limited power available for a short time (for example during manoeuvring), the power used by the complete MAR-IX system can easily be reduced by the system or via an external signal.

Small size, hassle-free installation

The MAR-IX chiller rack is built in such way that the chillers, its frame and the piping can be assembled and disassembled in a far shorter time for installation on a yacht. The individual components are easy to handle and can be carried onboard through standard doors. There’s no need for expensive and time-consuming projects such as cutting a side opening into the hull. Easy and efficient installation is always assured with MAR-IX.

Smart engineering

MAR-IX chillers are renowned for requiring very little maintenance. The units run on all common power supplies and function at 50/60 Hz. Uniquely in the market, you have the option to connect our chillers to a high-voltage DC system, making them ideal for electric and hybrid vessels. And a long lifespan is guaranteed regardless of your yacht’s propulsion.

Green deal

Based at the heart of the Dutch yachting sector, change is always in the air at MAR-IX. Our unique approach and advanced products & systems will seriously enhance your onboard environment and help protect our planet in the process. We take our future seriously…

For detailed information or to discuss your chiller project, call +31-321-337467, mail or WhatsApp uswhatsapp icon. We would welcome the chance to share more on the benefits of partnering with MAR-IX.