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About MAR-IX

Change is in the air

The twin challenges of climate change and viral threats have made us all re-evaluate the air we breathe and the energy consumed in generating our heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Like us at MAR-IX, you know that a change of thinking is required.

Enhancing your experience

People who enjoy spending time in the enclosed spaces of a yacht – owners, guests, captains, engineers and crew – attach great importance to fresh air.

The onboard experience is directly impacted by the quality, sound levels and efficiency of the HVAC system. It’s your wellbeing so why settle for anything but the best? Moreover, in these times of pandemic, it’s your health too (click here to read more on virus security).

Based at the heart of the premium Dutch yachting sector, change is always in the air at MAR-IX. Our unique approach and advanced products & systems will seriously enhance your onboard environment and help protect our planet in the process.

We take our future seriously, embracing the part we can play in enhancing the environment. Putting words into practice, MAR-IX’s Hyper Thermal Process (HYPER TP) provides remarkable reductions in your hotel load of up to 80%. Now that’s a green deal…


Consume less, enjoy more

Established in 1992, MAR-IX advances the cause of HVAC via inventive products and systems. Unable to find the quality required elsewhere, we have dedicated decades of brainpower to designing, engineering and manufacturing everything in-house. As masters of our own domain, MAR-IX can guarantee you a degree of quality and innovation that is quite frankly unique in today’s HVAC market.

In concrete terms, partnering with MAR-IX on your next project will ensure you:

  • Industry-leading energy efficiency
  • 30% lower consumption as standard
  • Optimum waste heat recovery via system integration
  • Smaller unit sizes, built to scale and lighter weight
  • The calming sound of silence
  • Long lifespan, easy maintenance, online support
  • Protection against viral contamination

Seriously inventive

The evolution of HVAC technology is picking up speed, constantly being redesigned, reconceptualised and transformed. Change comes from the rebels, the ones that take a different approach…

And that’s how we see HVAC systems at MAR-IX.

Our role as an advanced HVAC system creator revolves around serious thinking on how best to deploy existing techniques and technologies for our clients. Being inventive together allows the MAR-IX experts to achieve much on your behalf, always keeping your comfort and health and our future in mind.

In a sector like HVAC, with huge potential to move the dial, standing still is not an option. That applies to every new build but also to refits… A great deal is possible with the technologies of today, much of which is already in place on your yacht and waiting to be used more smartly. At MAR-IX we never take HVAC for granted.

Go bespoke

As a fully independent company with no strings attached, MAR-IX offers you an unrivalled degree of customisation, backed up by our own ultra-reliable software and electronics. We develop, engineer and build all products and systems in house, retaining total control over all quality aspects.

MAR-IX designers and engineers love brainstorming with clients, yards and owners as we strive to make things better with our collective future in mind. Their rich experience is deployed in a zero-emission production facility to oversee the entire process. Accurate project management and a precise production schedule ensures on-time worldwide delivery. All units are subject to the most stringent testing regime at our in-house laboratory before installation on your yacht.

Owning it

Literally and metaphorically, we take full ownership of everything developed for you by our designers, engineers and system builders. Each project includes detail engineering for the HVAC within the pricing. Dealing directly with the makers means you also enjoy factory assistance whenever support is required.

Moreover, all MAR-IX systems have the ability to connect to the internet, which then enables our technicians to provide you with expert support online. This offers a further significant reduction in your cost of ownership as we can often solve issues without needing to leave the office.

Ask for references

MAR-IX is a brand of Mavé BV, specialists in the development and manufacturing of marine and industrial HVAC systems. While MAR-IX is focused on yachts and navy vessels, we can always leverage on the in-depth expertise at Mavé.

Excellent references from captains, engineers and yards are available on request to potential clients. We have deliberately chosen not to post these on this website due to the strict privacy considerations that apply in the luxury yachting sector, which MAR-IX fully respects at all times.

But please know this…

Our way of thinking and working has produced some exceptional results on many prestigious projects. And we’d be happy to present them to you.