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You can put on a pullover if you feel a little cool or jettison the jumper if the temperature rises, waiting a few seconds for the onboard systems to do their work. But except from going out on deck, there’s no quick fix to a lack of fresh air on a yacht.

Serious about ventilation

Always essential to the good life, a well-balanced ventilation system is now of critical importance in terms of virus control. MAR-IX is uniquely positioned to ensure you 100% fresh air, with excellent filtering techniques that result in a safe air supply system. Both the extraction of moisture and the refreshing of musty air with filtered conditioned air keep each space a healthy environment for everyone onboard.

Waste not want not

We also offer you an excellent degree of heat recovery on the fresh air system without mixing the extraction and fresh air. You can expect to be
reusing up to 60% of the energy saved from the extraction air, which is transported in liquid form. As this recovery will significantly reduce your cooling/heating capacity requirement you can fit smaller chiller or heater units, again gaining precious onboard space.

Stable and resilient

Primarily manufactured from stainless steel, MAR-IX ventilation products are made to resist the harsh conditions found at sea and salty air. They’re also probably the smallest fresh air systems available in the market, giving yacht designers and yards the chance to create more living space for the owners and their guests.

MAR-IX fresh-air ventilation systems are equipped with a pressure-controlled fan which gives a very stable system. The fan keeps the onboard air at a slight overpressure, ensuring that warm or cold air does not enter when a door is opened. The system is self-adjusting should the air filters get polluted.

Active engine room cooling


MAR-IX offers active engine room cooling systems that reduce airflow to the engine room by some 70%, significantly reducing the size of your ducts and grills. The result is much higher levels of comfort thanks to low noise levels and a continuous temperature in the engine room. Click here for more information on active engine room cooling.

engine room ventilation


Good engine room ventilation is a must to supply the required amount of combustion air for the engines as well as proper cooling of the engine room and a comfortable working environment. To ensure an optimal propulsion performance in combination with the maximum allowed temperatures inside the engine room, we will ensure you the most balanced system possible.