Our promise to you - Mar-IX

Our promise to you

No-one can work in isolation in the yachting world as every successful build or refit requires multiple parties to come together in a unified approach. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning play a critical role in the design, construction and enjoyment of a yacht. That’s why MAR-IX believes firmly in taking a holistic view to HVAC.

Breathe easy

We like nothing more than to join the core team responsible for creating the perfect yacht. And to take a Big Picture approach to ensuring the individual products involved in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning fit seamlessly within the collective systems that makes yachting such a pleasure.

Our team works tirelessly to generate the smartest solutions and energy-saving efficiency that only leaders in their field can offer. Add in a healthy dose of Dutch pragmatism and a dedication to quality and you can see why there’s now a global fleet of yachts benefitting from MAR-IX’s commitment to never compromising on our shared future.

Our promise to our owners

We know that by owning a yacht you have made a clear decision to invest in your pleasure and that of your family and friends. We also know just how big a role the air you breathe onboard plays in your comfort levels – and the desire for heating, cooling and ventilation systems to be quiet. 

Your MAR-IX system will benefit from decades of smart thinking in these vital areas, ensuring you always feel comfortable, sleep well and enjoy optimum health. Today more than ever, when you escape from it all you want to be able to do so in safety without a care in the world.  We also know that, like us, you care deeply for our planet. A MAR-IX HVAC system will offer you the most far-reaching savings on energy available, making your yacht as sustainable as possible. This circular approach reduces waste and pays for itself in no time by reducing your cost of ownership. Complete comfort, safety and efficiency…

That’s the MAR-IX promise to owners. 

Our promise to captains

Captains work closely with owners and management in making major choices for their yacht in terms of technology and comfort. The decision you take now regarding HVAC will have major implications both during the build / refit and out on the water.

Partner with MAR-IX to enjoy complete peace of mind with your HVAC products as well as the overall system. We know how vital it is for your onboard technologies to be totally reliable and MAR-IX engineers will always be there to support you, including online if you connect to the net. Our units have all been stringently tested and meticulously designed to make maintenance simple. They are also remarkably compact.

As well as keeping the owners and their guests comfortable, you’ll be delighted with the exceptional working climate created by a MAR-IX system in technical areas of the yacht. This will certainly help you attract the best engineer to join your team as well as making other crew members happier in their super-fresh accommodations.

Optimum reliability, maximum support… That’s the MAR-IX promise to captains.

Our promise to yards

We know how essential it is for shipyards to be ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting client expectations. As yachts grow ever larger so too does the emphasis on premium quality technical systems… And the need for you as a yard to offer the best possible advice to owners on a critical function such as HVAC.

To partner with MAR-IX is to work with people and technologies you can trust. Our designers and engineers understand fully what is required for a successful build or refit. They will support you every step of the way with finding the best solution and system for each individual project.

As industry pioneers, we also have a fine overview of what the future holds in HVAC. That will allow you to share this expertise with owners who seek maximum efficiency and sustainability, helping turn first-time builds into repeat projects.

Shared expertise, advanced thinking and satisfied clients… That’s the MAR-IX promise to yards.