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cooling is about far more than
air-conditioning alone…

Many systems on board needs cooling to stay efficient and safe.

Our scalable products and systems are perfect for cooling onboard systems like battery packs, shore-power converters, frequency drives, electric motors and AV/IT racks.

Get ahead and access the best.

Come join us at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe, RAI Amsterdam on June 20, 21 & 22, 2023, on stand 1128 and explore how MAR-IX’s unrivalled experience and expertise can make all the difference.



As with all MAR-IX products and systems, the perfect design of individual products within the Big Picture ensures you an exceptionally energy-efficient chiller system, with savings of up to 80%, thanks to a process we call Hyper TP (Hyper Thermal Process). Our chiller units are equipped with an innovative heat-recovery system with hot fluid output. Making the most of the heat that would otherwise be wasted overboard, the chillers have hot fluid (70-90°C) continuously available when in operation. Deploying this output onto the chiller units offers major savings on the kind of electric load that’s currently in your load analysis for heating boilers/calorifiers, jacuzzis and the like.


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