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cooling is about far more than
air-conditioning alone…

Many systems on board needs cooling to stay efficient and safe.

Our modular products and systems are perfect for cooling onboard systems like battery packs, shore-power converters, frequency drives, electric motors and AV/IT racks.

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Come join us at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe, RAI Amsterdam on June 18, 19 & 20, 2024, on stand 4080 and explore how MAR-IX’s unrivalled experience and expertise can make all the difference.


As with all MAR-IX products and systems, the perfect design of individual products within the Big Picture ensures you an exceptionally energy-efficient chiller system, with savings of up to 80%, thanks to a process we call Hyper TP (Hyper Thermal Process).

Our chiller units are equipped with an innovative heat-recovery system with hot fluid output. Making the most of the heat that would otherwise be wasted overboard, the chillers have hot fluid (70-90°C) continuously available when in operation. Deploying this output onto the chiller units offers major savings on the kind of electric load that’s currently in your load analysis for heating boilers/calorifiers, jacuzzi’s and the like.


MAR-IX chiller systems are modular/scalable and ideal for new builds and refits in every size. To provide the required cooling capacity and enhanced redundancy, each chiller system is built to scale (modular) and consists of multiple chillers. This ensures maximum redundancy of your chiller plant.

The MAR-IX chiller systems are built in such way that the chillers, its frame and the piping can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time for installation on a yacht. The individual components are easy to handle and can be carried onboard through standard doors. Easy and efficient installation is always assured with MAR-IX. Short lead-times and fast turnarounds are assured!

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