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With hypertp

80% energy saving possible

MAR-IX has developed a highly innovative way of saving you energy called HYPER TP, which stands for Hyper Thermal Process. Integrated with our HVAC systems, HYPER TP offers a significant reduction on your electric (hotel) load of up to 80%.

100% Fresh air


Has fresh air – genuinely fresh air – ever been more important? Certainly not on a superyacht, where people spend long periods together in relatively confined spaces. The key benefit of a MAR-IX system is 100% fresh air from outside which is never mixed with extracted air. Our system also includes optimal heat recovery.


At MAR-IX we take our future seriously – the collective ‘our’ of people and planet as well as the future of our company and our clients and their families. There is no escaping the reality of climate chance or the need to act to save our oceans. Everyone at MAR-IX is deeply committed to playing their part in bringing transformation about.

Change is in the air

The twin challenges of climate change and viral threats have made us all re-evaluate the air we breathe and the energy consumed in generating our heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Like us at MAR-IX, you know that a change of thinking is required.

People who enjoy spending time in the enclosed spaces of a yacht – owners, guests, captains, engineers and crew – attach great importance to fresh air.

The onboard experience is directly impacted by the quality, sound levels and efficiency of the HVAC system. It’s your wellbeing so why settle for anything but the best? Moreover, in these times of pandemic, it’s your health too (click on read more on to learn more about virus security).

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