A new year is also a time to reflect on what has gone before and we are grateful that even in these turbulent times our turnover has continued to enjoy robust growth, with 2021 being a very good year in that respect. Managing a growing production company brings different kinds of challenges of course, especially in a market with disrupted supply chains. Nonetheless, the MAR-IX teams have successfully managed to deliver all orders on time, on budget and at the high degree of quality our clients expect.


Triple the size To ensure the practical sustainability of the growth in orders and a healthy future for MAR-IX, a start was made with the expansion of our factory and warehouses in the late summer of 2021. The new construction will be ready in Q2 2022 and triple the size of the floorspace. MAR-IX is renowned for offering clients short delivery times for systems and parts as well as a continuous availability of spare and replacement parts: our upgraded premises will allow us to fully secure this service level in the years ahead.

Having such state-of-the-art facilities also helps address another key challenge for high-end manufacturers in every sector – attracting and retaining the brightest and most highly skilled personnel. MAR-IX has traditionally done well when it comes to talent as our cutting-edge approach appeals to ambitious people looking to make their mark on the HVAC world. But having the best equipment to work with certainly adds to the mix and will take our overall efficiency to the next level.

The drivers behind this expansion are also the growing circle of MAR-IX clients and we’re very grateful for their trust in our company and products. Customer feedback inspires us to invest in the growth and innovation of new products and systems which are pushing the boundaries of sustainability onboard (super)yachts.