Gulf Craft & MAR-IX winners ‘Eco Award’: M/Y Rocket One - Mar-IX

Gulf Craft & MAR-IX winners ‘Eco Award’: M/Y Rocket One

Last week at the BOAT International Design and Innovation Awards 2023, Gulf Craft’s Majesty 120 Superyacht was named the ‘Eco Award’ winner. Our team at MAR-IX is very proud of our contribution to developing, supplying, and installing new ways to improve the energy efficiency of its onboard systems to minimize electrical consumption, leading to smaller generators and lower fuel consumption.

Saving more than 80,000 KW per year
The new advanced HVAC system, combined with our in-house developed Hyper TP, a holistic approach to integrating other onboard thermal systems, has been developed and installed on board the Majesty 120, creating a tailor-made system. The systems significantly reduce the electric load on board, saving more than 80,000 KW per year for basic systems (like accommodation heating, hot water heating, fresh air (re-)heating) and jacuzzi heating. The remarkably lower e-load ensures lower fuel consumption in the generators and lower shore power usage which ultimately reduces the vessel’s carbon footprint, resulting in a more sustainable operation as well as lower operational costs.

It is truly a great effort by both parties in reducing emissions and integrate all the various thermal energy sources and onboard consumers. We are very proud of this award and from all of us at MAR-IX we would like to thank Gulf Craft for choosing our advanced HVAC systems.