Twenty-twenty-two, a brand-new year. While the Covid pandemic continues to dominate our lives, a record-breaking number of yachts are either in build or on order worldwide. This reflects an enhanced awareness of the peace and pleasure to be found in spending time with family in a safe environment on boats. Small wonder that this trend has been coupled with an ever-increasing emphasis on the need to be green.


Circular thinking

Sustainability is the name of the game in 2022 and our advanced HVAC systems and Hyper TP – offering an exceptional 80% saving on energy – are very much in demand. MAR-IX systems fit exactly into the kind of advanced circular thinking that is now prevalent among yards, captains and owners. The dedicated technical know-how that has made our company a leader in this field has been effectively translated into products.


Eco-conscious yacht owners

Not that the sale of these products is a goal in in itself… They form part of an integrated approach to energy savings that meets the specific needs of the next generation of new builds and refits. MAR-IX offers the best HVAC solutions available on the market today because of the way we have married circular thinking to system integration.

Boatbuilders with a serious environmental story to tell are now very much top of mind among eco-conscious yacht owners. MAR-IX system offer more sustainable operations and lower operational costs… It really is a win-win situation.