Talking of groundbreaking products… MAR-IX air-conditioning systems are based on frequency-controlled inverter chiller units which produce the required cooling capacity for the entire system. Our premium inverter compressor technology avoids the need for the chiller to switch the compressor on/off as it varies in speed to control the cooling capacity. Current peaks belong to the past and your electrical system will always have a balanced load.

Expectations for an ever-quieter onboard environment continue to grow and MAR-IX’s virtually silent chiller units are an ideal solution. Exceptional sound reduction and comfort is achieved by placing all refrigeration components within a stainless-steel casing. This housing also protects the chiller against tough conditions in the engine room and technical spaces. 

As with all MAR-IX HVAC systems, the perfect design of our products within the Big Picture ensures you a very energy efficient system, with savings of up to 30% on any comparable competitor. The units run on all common power supplies and function at 50/60 Hz. Uniquely in the market as an option they can also be connected to a high (650-850) Volt DC system, making them ideal for electric and hybrid vessels.