Fan coil units - Mar-IX


Fan coil units

MAR-IX fan coil units make the most of our expertise and big picture thinking when it comes to life, comfort and efficiency on today’s yachts in the broadest sense.

Recognised as industry leaders due to their sophisticated and compact design, high quality and extremely low noise levels, the fan coil range is very wide. With 180 different types, sizes, capacities and power supplies, there’s sure to be a MAR-IX fan coil unit to suit your specific requirements. Custom designs are also available as we transform the fan coil experience.

Supplied as standard with valves, each unit also features high-pressure high-quality fans that generate no mechanical noise regardless of speed. As all fans have a speed range from 5% to 100% they are not regulated in large steps.


  • Compact format
  • Rotatable fan casing
  • Installation friendly
  • High air flow (HAF) air filter
  • Very quiet
  • Low current
  • 4 drain connections

Quieter Still

The clever design of our fan coil units makes them extremely quiet and makes living and working on your yacht a pleasure. MAR-IX experts can create even higher levels of comfort by assisting you with the design of your air ducts, ensuring the lowest possible noise levels in your HVAC system. System thinking is the answer…

The MAR-IX filters used in the fan coil units are High Air Flow (HAF) air filters. Developed using innovative technologies, they are frameless, self-supporting and constructed from an array of open flow channels. HAF filters are electrostatically charged for enhanced particle capture and retention, and come with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew on the filter media.

Maintenance Matters

Recognising the importance of maintenance time and productivity in running a superyacht, you’ll be pleased at how well our air filters capture the airborne dust that gets deposited on fan coil units while maintaining a good airflow. Moreover, the frameless, self-supporting construction of MAR-IX filters makes them easy to install and replace.

Not that you’ll be doing that as often as you’re used to. Depending on intensity of use, filters only need replacing once or twice a year on superyachts – a big difference with standard AHU filters that have to be changed almost monthly.

A unique feature of our in-house developed HAF filters is an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew on the filter media itself. With MAR-IX, nothing is left to chance…