Fresh air system - Mar-IX


Fresh air system

At a time when we’re more aware than ever of the quality of air we breathe, the MAR-IX ventilation system is the only one available that truly meets all the specific requirements found on yachts.

Individual product excellence meets a collective approach as we create fresh-air systems that are compact in size (saving on precious space), exceptionally efficient (saving on costs and the environment), extremely quiet (comfort assured), made of the right materials (resistant to harsh conditions and salty air) and offer you maximum safety against viruses.


  • Pressure controlled fan / EC fan
  • Available with heat recovery
  • Low current
  • Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
  • 4 drain connections 

Constant pressure

MAR-IX fresh-air ventilation systems are equipped with a pressure-controlled fan that ensures the volume of emitted air remains constant at all times. The fans keep the air in the vessel at a slight overpressure so that warm or cold air will not enter when a door is opened. The system is self-adjusting should the air filters become polluted. The dimensions of the MAR-IX ventilation units are extremely compact and the units are mainly manufactured from stainless steel.

Save your energy

MAR-IX fresh-air units are equipped with a heat recovery system which reuses up to 60% of the energy of the extraction air. This inventive solution reduces the cooling and heating capacity so that you can fit smaller chiller units and heaters. What’s more, a smaller generator can be used to further lower costs.  A ventilation system with heat recovery function consists of two units. The supply unit (FAM) filters the incoming air through a built-in High Air Flow (HAF) air filter and F9 filter. The fresh air is then acclimatised and dehumidified before being blown into the vessel with a slight overpressure. Dirty air from the cabins, showers, toilets and other spaces is removed by an extraction unit (RAM). The fresh-air supply unit and extraction unit are connected by a liquid pipe and with liquid used for energy transport there is no mixing of air. Read more about how our system enhances your safety in our section on ‘fresh air and viral security’.

Air quality

All MAR-IX fresh air systems are equipped with a pre-filter and a F9 fine filter, providing you with an optimal level of air quality. Our standard ventilation systems have an output from 100 m³ to 5,000 m³/h. Units can be equipped with a cooling, heating and heat recovery battery, as well as electric heating elements. Custom-built units with larger capacities are always available as we merge our expertise with your requirements.