Monitoring and Control - Mar-IX


Monitoring and control

The ability for all the components in your HVAC system to communicate with each other is essential for everything to work in harmony together. MAR-IX has developed a unique IP/LAN-based intelligent monitoring & control system that ensures each individual product play its collective part in providing you with maximum comfort, minimal energy consumption and the lowest sound levels imaginable.


  • Innovative 13″ touchscreen
  • Central control for all cabins
  • User-friendly interface
  • Storage of log files
  • Display of error codes
  • 24/7 connection to MAR-IX engineers
  • Remote control & diagnosis and software update
  • Remote control of HVAC system on your vessel

It’s good to talk…

The MAR-IX communication system features a 13″ touchscreen to control and monitor each and every component. Parameters can be changed or the system switched to another mode (such as frost protection). With log files created and saved and all data recorded, errors are easily diagnosed. Connect the touchscreen to the internet and our engineers will offer online support and, if necessary, operate the system to adapt or update. This connectivity saves you time, money and effort when it comes to error diagnoses.

A practical example

When cooling is required in one or more spaces the software will control the chillers. It calculates the required capacity using a number of available parameters, then reduces the power output to the chillers accordingly. The system regulates itself: should there be limited power available, the power used by the complete MAR-IX system can be reduced with one external signal. It’s even possible to reduce power output to a preferred part of the HVAC system. The owner’s stateroom can be an exception, for example, so comfort is not compromised.