Rack cooler - Mar-IX


Rack cooler

It’s not just people that need to be kept at the right temperature… Computer racks and server rooms can also enjoy the MAR-IX treatment with our high-end rack coolers. Ease of installation is assured as they have the same dimensions as a standard 19″ computer rack.


  • Active cooling function
  • Controlled fan speed
  • Auto fan function
  • Low current
  • Digital display
  • Easy installation in 19″ computer rack
  • Mainly manufactured from stainless steel
  • Equipped with EC fan

PC cool

Unlike fan coil units, the fans in a rack cooler are constantly running. The unit can be connected to any chilled water source and is temperature-controlled by a 2-way valve. The desired temperature can be pre-set on the digital display and is electronically controlled. The auto fan function automatically controls the fan speed. This standalone unit can also be connected to the MAR-IX communication system, giving you the possibility to operate and monitor the unit via a central area MAR-IX touchscreen.